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Welcome to the Jupiter Utilities Payment Portal

The Jupiter Utilities Department has enhanced the services available to you on this online payment portal.

Using this portal allows you to:
  • Pay your utility bill.
  • Review past bills.
  • Compare usage history.
  • Link all of your accounts to one login.
  • Request Paperless Billing (eBills)

When you click Login and then Register it will prompt you to enter your customer number and account number. Our old bill format does not break these numbers apart. You will see a number on your bill [ex:123456-1255]. The number before the dash is your customer number. The number after the dash is your account number.

Registering will require you to type in a 7 digit customer number and a 6 digit account number. You will need to prefill your number with zeros to obtain the correct amount of digits. For example, if your bill shows 123456-1255, your customer number will be 0123456, and your account number will be 001255. Your next bill will reflect this change.

You may register or login by selecting "Login" in the menu bar above or by clicking the button below.

Please contact the Jupiter Utilities Customer Service Department at (561) 741-2300 if you need additional assistance.